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Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National park is a safe and more stable adventure with well-trained guides as you enjoy your time with in the rolling savannah of Lake Mburo National park. You will experience many animal sightings including; the giraffes, the topis, elands, duikers, bushbucks, the waterbucks, zebras, and many more. You will enjoy the scenic beauty, the birds as well as the vegetation. The time on the horseback safari will be one of the highlights of your real time in Uganda.

You can take one of the best horse back wildlife safari in Lake Mburo national park and is one of the most amazing adventures with in Uganda’s national park.this park is the only national park where you go for horse riding in Uganda.

Within Uganda, you can adventure the real African Wild from horseback on safari in Lake Mburo National park. This activity will take 2 to 5 hours across the African savannah stressed at Lake Mburo Park with the rolling hills, valleys as well as the various lakes in and around Lake Mburo Park. The horse ride safari will give you a good feeling of the African wild on the horseback.

This lake is also home to over 350 bird species like the red faced barbet that can only be found in this national park. There is also the endemic African finfoot as well as the rare shoebill, the papyrus yellow warbler, brown chested lapwing, carrother’s cisticola, Tabora cisticola, saddle billed stork, the Africa scops, and Abyssinian ground hornbill as well as the white winged warbler. The park is a birders paradise in and a visitor’s delight with variety of colorful bird species.

The wildlife species are about 69 that are found in this park including the Impalas, Elands, antelopes, zebras, giraffes, Rothschild, Burchell zebras and many more. You can also view the Buffaloes, warthogs, reedbucks, leopards, lions, hyenas, hippos and crocodiles. The park gives a good taste of the wild of Africa so close to Kampala and it’s just three and half hour drive that make it accessible for those that have limited time so want to view some wildlife before leaving the country.

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